Flower Train Rewards Program


  • 1. JOIN

    Create an account to join our FT Rewards Program

  • 2. Earn

    Receive 1 point for every $1 you spend

  • 3. Redeem

    Receive a $25 coupon for every 300 points earned.

How do I earn FT Rewards points?

For every $1 spent at any of our store locations (currently not available online), you will earn 1 FT point.

Once you have accumulated, 300 FT rewards points, you will receive a $25 coupon.

How do I redeem FT rewards points?

When you are completing your transaction, we'll let you know if you have enough points to redeem for rewards. Alternatively, let us know during your purchase if you'd like to use your FT rewards Points.

Can my FT Rewards points work for multiple locations?

Yes, your FT rewards points will work at any of our 4 locations in Castle Towers, Wynyard, North Sydney, and Broadway.

How do I enrol to FT Rewards Program?
  1. Enrol during a purchase. You will need to opt in to our Loyalty Program with your mobile phone.
  2. Staff-assisted enrolment via customer directory.
Can I enrol in FT Rewards points after a sale?

Yes. If you weren't able to claim at checkout, you'll received invitation to enrol in you

Can I redeem points through a online purchase?

You can redeem or earn points for transactions completed through our physical store locations. We have 4 flowers shops, located in Castle Towers, Wynyard, North Sydney, and Broadway.

What if I'm missing points?

If you didn't receive your points or didn't enter your mobile number after a previous purchase, please speak to one of our friendly staff and have your proof of purchase ready.

Does FT Rewards points expire?

We value our customers and your FT Rewards points do not expire.

Can I update the phone number associated with my Loyalty Rewards Account?

Yes you can. Please speak to one of our friendly staff with your IDs handy and we'll be able to assist.

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